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IMG 8277 copyThe Religious Literacy Assessment provides information about the way children process and express their religious knowledge. ‘Religious’ literacy refers to the way children use their literacy skills to communicate their understanding of the religious tradition.

The Religious Literacy Assessment is a two-part assessment undertaken during Term Three by students in Year 4 across the Diocese of Wollongong. 

Part A is an external Diocesan assessment which consists of multiple choice / short answer questions reflecting Stage One and Stage Two outcomes of the Religious Education Curriculum and developed around the Religious Literacy Framework of:
  • Knowing the Tradition
  • Working with the Tradition
  • Applying the Tradition
  • Valuing the Tradition 

Part B is a school-based assessment directly linked to a unit of work being studied during Religious Education lessons in Year Four.

Schools analyse the data gathered from the Religious Literacy Assessment to inform future learning and teaching in the domain of Religious Education.