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All classes are actively involved in a sporting program each week with our Physical Education teacher. This program may include athletics, ball games, gymnastics and coordination skills, depending on the season.

The children participate school carnivals for athletics, swimming and cross country. From these carnivals, selected students compete in Diocesan carnivals to have the opportunity to progress to higher representation. Individual students can also nominate to trial for other sporting team, which may lead to involvement in MacKillop and NSW PSSA competitions. Our school also sends students to various Gala Days as deemed appropriate.

At many of our sporting events, parental help is required and very much appreciated.

The children are placed in one of four houses and are actively involved in friendly competitions at school carnivals and in Grade Sport Days held during the year:

Red (Sauvage – named after the wheelchair athlete, Louise Sauvage),

Blue (Freeman – named after the sprinter, Cathy Freeman)

Gold (Rafter – named after the tennis player, Pat Rafter) 

Green (Waugh – named after the cricketer, Steve Waugh)