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Principal Mrs Michelle Rolfe
Assistant Principal Mrs Amy Smith
Acting Religious Education Coordinator

Mrs Deanna David

Middle Leader 2  Mrs Veronica Baker, Mr Ian Bell
Middle Leader 1  Ms Trish Coffey, Mrs Holly McIntosh
Senior School Support Officer Mrs Gail Lyons
Senior School Support Officer Ms Catherine Fahey
Admin and Finance Mrs Noal Bornstein 
Admin Mrs Sue Freestone 
 School Support Officer - Classroom   Mrs Sandra Berkhout
 School Support Officer - Classroom Mrs Kelli Sciuto 
 School Support Officer - Classroom Mrs Kathryn Jones 
Classroom Support and Library Mrs Jennifer Kreltszheim 
Groundsman Mr Frank Tabone 
Canteen Manager Mrs Jeanette Bolomey 
Kindergarten Room 1 Mrs Holly McIntosh
Kindergarten Room 2 Mrs Kerry Wolf 
Year 1 Room 3 Mrs Joanne Williamson 
Year 1 Room 4 Mrs Veronica Baker
Year 2 Room 5 Ms Patricia Coffey
Year 2 Room 6 Mrs Jenny Peters
Year 3 Room 7 Mr Wayne Rice
Year 3 Room 8 Miss Margaret Hogan
Year 4 Room 9 Mrs Laa-Sin Thorn
Year 4 Room 10 Mrs Maria Managhas
Year 5 Room 11 Mr Ian Bell
Year 5 Room 12 Miss Ashleigh Vella
Year 6 Room 13 Mr Khanh Nguyen
Year 6 Room 14 Mrs Amy Smith
Library Miss Dianne Winarczyk - Tuesday - Friday
Physical Education Mr Michael Hyland - Tuesday - Friday
Support Teachers Mrs Hope Prioste
Reading Recovery Ms Alana Kavanagh Ross
Literacy Support Mrs Michelle Cooke