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Both prayer and the liturgical life of the school are very important to the spiritual dimension of Holy Family, therefore there are opportunities for students to participate in daily prayer and regular liturgical celebrations.  Families, friends and parishioners are always very welcome to join with us for any of our liturgical celebrations.

Our school gathers as a community to celebrate Masses and Liturgies regularly throughout the year.  In addition to whole school celebrations, there are also opportunities for students to gather for grade liturgies (K-6) and to experience the forgiveness of God through celebrating the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Years 2-6).

At Holy Family, we value the relationship that exists between our school and the parish.  In order to foster this relationship, we encourage attendance when social initiatives are held in the parish and each term, a grade assists in the preparation and celebration of a Sunday Mass.


This is our school
Let peace dwell here,
Let the rooms be full of contentment.
Let love abide here
Love of God, Love of each other
And love of life itself.
Let us remember that as many hands build a house
So many hearts build a school.