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Principal's Message

Holy Family is a wonderful name for a school – our school. It not only connects our families with the Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, it describes the way we strive to work in our school; as a family, with the Catholic faith, our guide to holiness, at its centre. Read more About Us.

Within our Holy Family, we work to be a place of peace, support and safety, while at the same time challenging our students to strive to improve:

  • in their learning and playing;
  • in how they treat each other;
  • in their resilience;
  • in using their voice; and
  • in nurturing their relationship with Jesus. 

With our parents and carers, we build close relationships based on trust so as to create the best school experience we can for our students. See What We Offer.

Just as Mary and Joseph’s family and community did for Jesus, together at Holy Family we work to live our motto to help every student 'grow in wisdom'. Find out more about our Learning and Teaching.


Ready to Enrol?

Interested in enrolling at Holy Family? We'd love to welcome you to our school!